12/10 Character and Ensemble

In class today we went over the scene about two times. In those two times we found some great stuff. I stayed with Mr. Carter’s age being 55. We interacted well with the living and the living interacted well with the dead. I will say that Abbi and I have more of a connection now being one of the older people in the dead.


12/08 Character and Ensemble

Basically working on the scene until performance time. I was also deathly ill because of Blues, but I pushed through it. It was a long process because the more important scenes had more time to go than the others.

12/03 Character and Ensemble

We went over the scene again, and I made a realization that maybe my character is older than 45. I was playing him like he was in his later 50s, maybe even 55. I played with this notion in class and found out that it worked for his character and made his monologue at the end of the play make sense.

12/01 Character and Ensemble

Today in class we went over our blocking of the scene in class. It was a long and tedious process, but we accomplished some great things in class. I learned that my character, although he’s 45, he is content with being dead and happy for the most part. When he goes into the monologue about his son Joel he is reminded of how life used to be. Remembering brought back the joy he had when he was alive.

11/19 Character and Ensemble

Today in class we had to prepare information about New England in the early 1900’s. One thing that I found interesting was the way they dealt with the dead. Instead of having a wake in a funeral home, they would prepare the body inside the house and basically have a viewing inside the home. This meant that the dead stayed inside the home where they were found dead for at least a week before being transported to the funeral home. Honestly, this concept would creep me out. I’m trying to sleep in my room upstairs knowing that there is a dead person in my living room space just lying there.

11/16 Character and Ensemble

Today in class we went over information about our scene that we are doing as an ensemble. The scene we are doing is Act 3 from Our Town. This scene is very difficult because a lot of pertinent information has been disclosed in the other acts. We had to read the whole play in order to understand what was going on here. The scene I thought was beautifully written because the dead interacts with the living, but the living necessarily don’t interact with the dead. I know I’m going to have fun playing a dead man.